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Domestic Help in Sri Lanka

Most expatriates employ domestic help. A small household will often hire a combination cook/houseboy or a cook and a houseboy or housemaid, and a part-time gardener if the house has a garden. Total wages for these servants will average about $180-$250 per month. A nursemaid (nanny) charges about $80-100 a month. A larger family (two or more children) will probably employ a full-time cook, a house boy/housemaid, a nursemaid for the children, a part-time gardener, and a driver. Total cost will be about $400 a month. Some employ laundry nannies on a weekly basis at an added cost of $30-$40 a month.

Quite a number of expatriates also hire drivers at an average salary of $100 a month, and night guards for about $70 per month. Uniforms and incidental medical bills are often covered by the employer (though medical care is free to Sri Lankans, medicines and lab tests usually are not). Other amenities are a personal choice; most people pay extra for night-time party duty, and tea and breakfast or other meals.

Severance pay is expected at a rate of 1 month's salary per each completed year of service. If the domestic help is being let go 'for cause' (stealing, breakage, etc.), severance is not paid.





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